Embrace your inner pioneer as you sail along the epic route forged by Lewis and Clark more than 200 years ago.

Cruise through the towering canyons of the Columbia River Gorge, past golden plateaus along the Palouse River, and into the historical lands of the Native American tribes first encountered by the intrepid explorers Lewis and Clark. Savor the bounty of this lush agricultural region as you explore historic cities and spectacular landscapes in Oregon and Washington.

Keep your eyes peeled for sure-footed bighorn sheep, golden eagles, and 7,000-year-old petroglyphs. Hop on a jet boat and explore Hell’s Canyon or browse small town shops or farmers markets. Embrace your inner scientist and uncover the secrets of the Manhattan Project while visiting the infamous B-Reactor National Historic landmark at the Hanford site. 

Wine lovers and foodies will revel in vineyard tours and wine tastings. Learn about the diversity of the region’s wine and cuisine.

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