Delightful Dublin, The Heart of the Emerald Isle

Dublin is a city as lively and unique as its people. What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in attractions, history, art, and beautiful surroundings.

Do and See

Dublin is divided by the River Liffey. On one side, features famous political and cultural sites such as the GPO – where Irish patriots declared their independence from Britain – the Four Courts, the Irish Emigration Museum, and the many shops and boutiques of Dublin’s thoroughfare – O’Connell St.

Crossing over the Liffey on the famous Ha’Penny Bridge (pronounced “hay penny” bridge) is like stepping back in time to examine the city’s Medieval and Norse roots. Iconic architectural marvels such as St. Patrick’s and Christ Church Cathedrals date all the way back to the 12th and 13th centuries, while Dublin Castle sits on actual Viking settlement, and qualifies as a must-see. 

Meandering through the lanes of Dublin will eventually lead you to the city’s heart of history, and one of the city’s main attractions – Trinity College. Founded in 1592, it is the home to over 200,000 ancient books and volumes, served as J.K. Rowling’s inspiration for Hogwarts Castle in the Harry Potter series, and is the resting place of one of the greatest works of art mankind has ever produced – The Book of Kells

Dining and Lodging

After exploring the city, you’ll want to relax and hoist a pint in one of Dublin’s many lively pubs. Savvy travelers often choose the Temple Bar neighborhood, as it offers an authentic Irish experience in the heart of Dublin. Live Buskers (performers) on the cobblestoned streets, Irish Trad (music) in the pubs, the world’s best fish and chips and hearty stew on the menus, every visit to Dublin should begin (or end) here with a tall glass of stout from the city’s most famous brewery. 

Day Trips

When the bustle of busy city life gets to be too much, grab your LEAP Card, hop on the nearest Dublin Bus or DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit), and head to the quaint coastal town of Howth. On this must-do day trip, you’ll be treated to exquisite seaside views, the invigorating Cliff Walk, picturesque weekend markets, and some of the freshest seafood the Emerald Isle has to offer.    

Best Time of Year to Visit

Staring England right in the eye, Dublin sits centrally-located on Ireland’s east coast. Temperate due to warm winds and the jet stream, millions of visitors – looking to discover their ancient Irish genealogy – make Dublin their destination of choice from March (think St. Patrick’s Day) to August, each year.    

When you are ready to start planning your adventure to Áth Cliath (“The Capital” in Irish), remember to contact us! We’ll help you plan a Celtic vacation worthy of a song. 

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