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Lions and Tigers and … Elephants!

The beauty of Africa is dramatic, from the vast savannahs to the magnificent wildlife, it’s like no other place on Earth. 
Egypt is known for its pyramids and pharaohs; in ancient times it was a favorite vacation destination for Roman and Greek travelers.  It is still a popular destination today.
Cairo is an eclectic city whose streets are filled with donkey carts, camels and modern-day taxi’s. Cairo sits on the famous Nile river and is home to large bazaars where bargaining for trinkets and spices is still the way of life. 
Kenya, with its exceptional variety of wildlife, is a great place for a safari. It is also known for its fabulous scenery and a variety of tribal cultures. 
Nairobi is home to museums, markets, and national parks. It is the safari capital of Africa and a good place to stay while exploring all that Kenya has to offer. 
Morocco is located across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain. It is the only place where the Mediterranean Sea blends with the Atlantic Ocean. From the many mountain ranges to bleak Western Sahara, Morocco has something for the adventurous soul. 
Casablanca is a cosmopolitan port-city that was founded by fishermen over two thousand years ago and was made famous by the Humphrey Bogart film of the same name. Present day Casablanca is a modern city that is a center for international trade and large corporations. 
South Africa offers spectacular landscapes and wildlife. The Western Cape has magnificent scenery, pristine beaches, majestic mountains, and many vineyards. South Africa offers a taste of the African experience while at the same time offering all the pleasures of a modern city with luxury hotels, incredible food, and immaculate beaches. 
Cape Town is a popular tourist destination because of its favorable climate and metropolitan vibe. Cape Town has an abundance of outdoor activities including hiking at Table Mountain National Park and beaches perfect for the water enthusiast.
Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa and the most visited city on the African continent. It is home to more than 40 art galleries, a popular zoo and lion park and a wide variety of cuisine. Visitors can find luxury hotels that offer world-class accommodations. 
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