Find Your Ideal Florida Beach!

We often daydream of lounging on a beach, the hypnotic surf singing a relaxing lullaby, your hand clutching a cold, colorful drink with a tiny umbrella perched at the rim. Seagulls are dancing in the wind above you and a smiling sun giving your skin a warm hug.

Florida is the ideal state to put you in this state of mind. Home to 663 miles of beaches in all shapes and sizes, it’s easy to lose yourself on the sandy shores. But with so many options, how do you know which is the right beach for you?

To find the answer, simply visit the Florida Beach Finder. Adjust the sliders on the page to choose from Adventurous or Laid Back, Family Friendly or Romantic, Action-Packed or Secluded, and Manicured or Agent Universe Natural. The website then shows you the top beaches to fit your exact preferences, making it easy to zero in on your slice of Florida paradise.

Will it be the glitter and glam of South Beach in Miami, the sparkling sands of Bonita Springs near Fort Myers, or one of the dozens of other beaches on the site?