Discover Enchanting Ljubljana, Slovenia

Located halfway between Venice and Vienna, Ljubljana’s Slovenia is a city where Italian and German influences come together in all the best ways. With just under 300,000 residents, Ljubljana has maintained a small town’s friendly feel while providing all that a large city has to offer. The city is surrounded by hills and is filled with parks and green spaces.

Things to Do

Cycling and hiking are favorite past-times in this vibrant town. If you prefer a leisurely stroll through its pedestrian-friendly streets, check out the famous Triple Bridge (inspired by iconic artist and native son Jože Plečnik) and add your lover’s lock to the collection. From there, visit one of the many outdoor marketplaces before snapping a photo at the Dragon Bridge, where the fierce beast in bronze guards the gateway to Ljubljana’s shops, restaurants, and nightlife destinations.

Art and History

If you are looking for history or an artistic adventure, make their way to the city’s majestic medieval fortification, Ljubljana Castle, high above the city. It is easily reached by funicular and provides breathtaking views of the city.  Located in the center of the city, the Church of St. Nicholas can’t be missed with its green dome and towering spires. The church’s sizeable ornate door was a gift from Pope John Paul II when he visited the church in 1996. Local legend has it that you should rub the spot on the bottom right side for good luck. The Museum of Modern Art is another great venue to visit. It’s dedicated to modern art in Slovenia, housing permanent collections as well and temporary exhibits.


A variety of dining is available, from fine dining, cute café’s, and food gardens. The range of food available rivals some of its larger European neighbors; you will be surprised by both the quality and variety of options.

Street vendors, located in most popular outdoor gathering areas, provide the opportunity to enjoy delicious authentic cuisines such as Cevapcici sausage, Bograč, and the decadent Prekmurska Gibanica (pastry filled with cottage cheese, walnuts, and apples).  Pair these culinary delights with one of Slovenia’s world-class wine selections from a wandering vintner, and you have a quick filling meal fit for roving royalty. 

Day Trips

For a quick trip outside the city, hop a train (3.5 hours), bus (1.5 hours), or highway (40 minutes) to the turquoise waters of Lake Bled. Here you can swim, hike, kayak, or climb to the romantic castle above the waters to take in the magnificent view. 

For a truly unforgettable experience, hop in a traditional pletna boat to travel to the lake’s center island to visit the Church of the Assumption. Visitors are encouraged to make their pilgrimage special with three rings of the bell for their wish to come true.    

Best Time to Visit

As you can imagine, summer is the most popular time to visit when the city comes alive with local flavor (and tourists), or forego the crowds and come to enjoy a more subdued winter wonderland for spectacular skiing and more.

When you set your sites on Ljubljana for your Slovenian dream getaway, contact us, and we’ll have you plan the perfect trip.

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