United States River Cruise

Mississippi river cruises have various lengths and destinations, from the lower Mississippi to the upper Mississippi or a cruise that includes both sections.

From the vibrant cultural center of the “Big Easy” to the dramatic landscapes of the Upper Mississippi, experience life as it once was on the western frontier.  You will visit grand southern plantations, stately antebellum houses, and Civil War battlefields of the Lower Mississippi. Taste the finest Cajun and Creole and experience mouth-watering Memphis BBQ as you travel to the birthplace of Jazz, Blues, and Rock–n-Roll.

Cruising up the Mississippi river and witness the natural splendor as riverbanks and bluffs of the valley, come alive. Relive the adventures of Mark Twain’s time on a trolley ride through Hannibal, his boyhood hometown. Experience the legacy of John Deere in Davenport and the Victorian-era elegance of Dubuque. As the cruise goes farther north, pasture gives way to forest and the wildlife of Minnesota and Wisconsin comes into view. Relax on the veranda as you watch deer feeding at the rivers edge or bald eagles hunting for their next meal.

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