New Orleans – Beyond Bourbon Street!

NOLA. Crescent City. N’Awlins. The Big Easy. There are so many ways to name Louisiana’s largest city when praising her art, people, cuisine, and culture. But to truly understand everything New Orleans has to offer, you must walk her streets, and take it all in, firsthand.   

The city’s French Quarter is the largest draw for visitors, with its exciting blend of Parisian, African, and American styles. Here, you can drop into any one of the many jazz or blues clubs to marvel at the dueling pianos, or sample some of the city’s famously-strong Hurricane cocktails at the never-ending party on Bourbon Street.

Fascinated by the mysterious world of Voodoo? Brave one of the many walking tours available and explore a world both spiritual and macabre. Those curious about city life in ages past can visit Jackson Square and the famous Pharmacy Museum for delightful and terrifying insights into a citizen’s day-to-day.

Once you’ve had your fill of the thrilling madness of the main hub, hop on a St. Charles Street Car, head past the tres-chic Warehouse District (best shops & lodging), and explore the natural beauty of NOLA’s Garden District. Upon arrival, you can delight in the haunted happenings of legendary Lafayette Cemetery, or gaze at the splendor of stately mansions and quaint charms of the Victorian cottages that line the city streets.

The cuisine in New Orleans reflects the city’s rich blend of French, African, Brazilian, and Creole cultures. Jazz breakfasts and brunches booked ahead of time, and complete with beignets and chicory coffee, are a must, as is a visit to the French Market for the best classic Po’ Boy and muffuletta sandwiches, crawfish boils, oysters, pralines, and, of course, gumbo.

Experienced travelers, ready to revel in New Orleans’ beauty, but not heading down for Fat Tuesday in February, avoid the sticky heat of the summer, and travel when the weather accommodates. This means a visit between Mardi Gras and May to see it all in dry comfort and warm sun. 

Day trips outside of the Big Easy focus on the deep natural grandeur of the sprawling swamplands, and meandering tributaries of the Mississippi River. Climb aboard the authentic Steamboat Natchez from the heart of the French Quarter, or book a boat tour of Cajun Country in the Louisiana Bayous. 

Ride the Great River Road to see momentous plantation homes, or visit the more than 4000 free-roaming animals of the Global Wildlife Center. The Atchafalaya National Heritage Area, the De Soto National Forest – there are so many ways to experience the majesty of the land outside N’Awlins. You simply have to choose which one speaks to the wild freedom residing in your newly-southern soul. 

When you’re ready to experience New Orleans at its finest, talk to our professionals at Pegasus Travel at 972-800-2705! We’re ready to take you from tough choices to The Big Easy.

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