Prague-the City of a Hundred Spires


Prague is a breathtaking fairytale city with over a thousand years of history permeating its narrow winding streets and array of architectural styles.

Do and See

Our journey begins in the Old Town Square, where you can see the incredible Gothic architecture that makes up the oldest parts of Prague, dating back to the 10th century. Be sure to check out Old Town Hall, and catch the 15th-century Astronomical Clock striking the hour.

The 14th century Charles Bridge is also nearby, and strolling across the Vlatava River with its stunning views of the city is one of the classic experiences of visiting Prague. After you cross the bridge, you’ll be heading right toward Prague Castle, an awe-inspiring structure encompassing Roman, Gothic, and 20th-century  architectural motifs.

Food and Beverage

Hungry? Pop into the nearest café, have a seat, and grab a bite. The traditional must-try dish in Czech culture is called koleno. This hunk of pork knee is marinated in beer and served with pickled vegetables and rich, dark Czech bread.

Even if you opt for a lighter meal, enjoy your lunch with some traditional Czech beer. The Budvar and Staropramen brands are world-renowned, but Prague is also home to dozens if not hundreds of microbreweries, with the local style leaning more toward lighter, well-chilled beers. The ultimate beer enthusiast will undoubtedly want to visit the Czech Beer Museum, where you can sample a variety of Czech beers and even bottle your own brew!

Day Trips

Next, head about 1.5 miles south of Old Town to Vyšehrad. This 10th-century fortified castle was the seat of the first king of Bohemia. While it also attracts tourists, the grounds have been enclosed into a lovely park; a great spot to take a break and relax in.

If you want to get away from the city for a bit, consider a day trip to the Kutna Hora, about an hour’s drive outside the city. While there, you can see Hrádek Castle as well as the Chapel of Bones, an extraordinary ossuary that contains the remains of up to 70,000 people.

The best times to visit Prague depend on your tolerance for chillier temperatures. At the peak of tourist season in the summer, highs reach the mid-70s, but if you can handle highs in the 50s and 60s, late spring and early fall are less overrun with tourists.

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