A Dose of Southern Hospitality – Savannah, GA


With its lavish antebellum mansions, Spanish moss-covered trees, and streets paved in cobblestone, Savannah doesn’t just offer a lovely weekend getaway. It serves as a time machine to the golden age of Dixie. Every block in this gem of the South blossoms with history and traditional Southern Gothic architecture.

Savannah is not only the oldest city in Georgia but one of American’s first planned cities. Established in 1733, the town was laid out by four town squares. There are now 22 distinct squares, each with its own vibrant personality. These beautiful parklike areas make Savannah’s historic district an absolute joy to walk through.

Some of the most famous squares to visit are Johnson Square, the first square developed in the city; Monterey Square, where you can find the legendary Mercer House; and Ellis Square, which has recently been reclaimed from urban development and spotlights Savannah’s growing art scene.

Top Things to Do in Savannah

There’s a little something for everyone in Savannah. Broughton Street is home to many boutique shops and tourist stops. You can go antique shopping at any one of its many antique stores or take an evening stroll down River Street.

Make sure to stop by Forsyth Park, a 30-acre park with a magnificent fountain at its center. The SCAD Museum features vibrant art pieces, and beachgoers will love Tybee Island, a popular beach that is only a short drive from the city. Fans of the macabre can learn about the city’s haunted past during a ghost tour, and Bonaventure Cemetery is littered with well-preserved, meticulously crafted graves.

Savannah is said to be one of the most haunted cities in the US. Just about every local you meet will have a ghost story to tell. Several ghost tours are available including one that will transport you to the spirit-filled sites, in a hearse. Some tours are more “descriptive” than others; be sure to read the tour descriptions carefully if you have small children with you.

Dining and Lodging in Savannah

The South is famous for its delicious comfort food and BBQ, and Savannah is no exception. You’ll smell the tantalizing aroma of Southern cuisine along almost every square in the city. Save room for a stop at Leopold’s, a classic soda fountain style ice cream parlor, that has been open since 1919. Try their signature flavor Tutti Frutti, rum ice cream with candied fruit and fresh roasted Georgia pecans. Savannah also has a wide variety of bars and breweries, where you can take a tour through the facility or sample any number of brews and cocktails unique to the area. As for lodging, you can choose between one of the city’s luxurious riverside resorts or quaint bed and breakfast locations.

Best Time to Visit Savannah

Summer in the Deep South gets hot, but if you travel down in the winter, you’ll miss out on the lovely foliage that drapes the city. We recommend visiting Savannah between March and June when the azaleas that the city is famous for are in full bloom.

There’s a lot to do in Savannah, so planning your trip can be overwhelming. We can help you get the full Savannah experience without any hassle! Simply give us a call at 972-800-2705 or send us a message to get your trip started.

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