Saying Goodbye to Petunia

In the spring of 2017, we purchased a brand new 16-foot Scamp, fiberglass travel trailer, directly from the factory in Bakus, MN. We named our trailer, Petunia.

We chose this particular trailer because of its size and towing weight. We lived in the mountains at the time and pulling any trailer up to 9,000 feet was a difficult task for most vehicles; Petunia’s light weight made those climbs and descents a breeze.

For being such a small trailer, she was fully equipped with everything we needed. She had air conditioning and heating, a shower and toilet, a fridge, a microwave, a sink, and a stove top. The rear dinette folder down to a full-sized bed, which is how we left it all of the time, and there was a small side dinette where we ate, worked, and played cards.

Time to say goodbye

Life changes and we move on. We relocated to a place near a lake, and our extended family grew so Petunia did not get the love, and attention, of past years. We made the difficult decision to sell her.

Petunia’s new owners are previous Scamp owners who had a fire destroy their beloved camper. We were so excited that she was going to a loving new family.

Petunia served us well; we made so many memories with her.

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