We’ll schedule a complimentary consultation call to learn more about your particular travel dreams. 

The vacation we design will include every component of your trip so you can sit back and enjoy yourself without worrying about the details. 

We will research and provide you with the best flight options, as part of your vacation package, for your travel style. 

We find accommodations that are best suited for you. Whether you prefer a large resort, luxury villa, apartment in the city center or an eclectic hotel, we’ll find the perfect place. 

Airport transfers, rental cars, trains or limo’s. We will take care of all of your ground transportation needs.

We work with companies that provide first class escorted tours with just the right balance of included features and free time. 

Whether you are planning a ski vacation with your friends or an anniversary adventure for your parents and family, we can help you simplify planning your trip. Traveling together provides an opportunity for like-minded people to enjoy time together and explore new destinations. A biking trip with your cycling group or a cruise with your knitting group, we can help you plan the perfect group trip.

Ocean cruise, River cruise or Expedition cruise, we’ve got you covered. We work with top rated cruise lines and will make sure you find the perfect cruise for your next vacation. 

Want to spend a little more time in the departure or destination cities when taking a cruise or escorted tour? We can help you plan a few extra days on either end of your trip. Lodging, tours,  ground transportation; we can take care of it all for you. 

Ever dreamed of taking a cooking class in Italy, or share a meal with a local family in Germany? We can help you plan days tours and special experiences that will never be forgotten.

Some trips are large and require a final, nonrefundable, payment several months before the departure. You’re taking a risk when you don’t purchase insurance to cover your investment. From hurricanes to terrorism attacks to unexpected earthquakes and volcanoes erupting, there have been so many unforeseen issues that have arisen recently that are covered only if insurance has been purchased. We have a preferred agency that we can give you a quote from, but you can also book through your own insurance provider – the important thing is that you are covered.

We don’t stop working when you leave for your trip; we’ll be available to you every step of the way. 

Step One

We’ll meet on a complimentary consultation call to learn mare about your travel style and vacation ideas. What are you thinking about? What kinds of travel have you done in the past. 

Step Two

After our visit, we’ll get to work drafting an initial itinerary for you based on your preferences and budget.  Then, we’ll work together to refine the itinerary into the vacation you’ve been dreaming of. 

Step Three

Next, while you relax , we’ll book every component of your vacation for you. From flights and hotels to tours and transfers, we’ll ensure your itinerary come together seamlessly. 

Step Four

You take off on your vacation, but we’ll still be with you every step of the way. Before you depart, you will receive both electronic and printed copies of your itinerary  as well as contact information for Pegasus Travel and any supplier partner we may have worked with on your trip. 

Our initial consultation is complimentary. During this call we’ll gather details and discuss options for your trip.

After the initial meeting, we’ll research the best options for your flights, lodging, activities, etc.. We are not affiliated with any specific hotel or cruise company; our priority is planning the perfect vacation for you. 

Our design fee starts at $200 per itinerary. After this non-refundable fee you only pay for the cost of the trip. 

Groups – Every group is different in size and scope; your group’s planning fee will be determined after our complimentary consultation. Fees can be per person or per group, depending on the nature of the trip, number of nights, destination and planning time involved.