Wandering The Streets of Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw at night

Warsaw is a city filled with history, struggle, and unique Polish charm. The capital since 1596, Warsaw has seen its share of conflict but has risen from the ashes of WWII to flourish into one of the capitals of culture in Eastern Europe.

Old town Warsaw

Do and  See

A Warsaw adventure should begin on the Nowy Swiat & Krakowskie Przedmiescie thoroughfare on the Royal Way, and with a visit to the Chopin Museum (for Classical Music lovers). Once onto, and through, the Barbican Fortress, travelers step over a bridge of time from the modern city into the heart of historic Old Town. These blocks of busy boulevards, expansive squares, and squat communist-era buildings perfectly combine the bustle of the big city with the genius Baroque architecture and design of the Italian artists who rebuilt it after WWII. 

Living history hunters can explore the city’s many monuments, museums, and national shrines to celebrate the country’s heroes. Warsaw University, the Presidential Palace, and National Museum (NMW) offer insights into the capital’s hard-won culture. At the same time, the Warsaw Uprising Museum, Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews, and Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers are a sobering reminder of Poland’s fight against the evils of fascism. 

Of course, no trip to stunning Warsaw would be complete without discovering the many beauties to Lazienki Park. Built-in the 18th century, the park provides visitors with verdant botanical gardens, Chopin’s Willow Tree Monument, sparkling water features, and free classical concerts in summer.   


Dining & Lodging

After a day spent touring Warsaw, find your way to the Palace of Culture areas and Old Town neighborhoods for the city’s most exquisite dining and lodging. Popular milk bars ( traditional restaurants ready-made simple meals. Much of the menu comes at spectacularly low prices, thanks to the government subsidies) that the milk bars receive and liquid-chocolate cafes dot the avenues here, as do traditional eateries where you can taste one of the country’s top savory delicacies: Pierogi.  

Malbork Castle

Day Trips

Once you have explored the splendor of this ancient city, hop a train or bus from the city center for day trips you’ll never forget. Wilanow Palace, the Versailles of Poland – with its white and yellow facade – offers an incredible outdoor getaway. At the same time, Malbork Castle, the ancient stronghold of the Teutonic Order, is a must-visit.  

House in Warsaw

Best Time of Year to Visit

In high summer, from late May to September, temperatures are ideal for sightseeing – but draw the most tourists – while excellent skiing happens in late April. Savvy tourists know that walking Warsaw is best in June when the weather cooperates, and the majority of European travelers spend their days in Paris, London, or Rome. 

However, you choose to experience the city, give us a call, and let us create an unforgettable itinerary for your dream Polish vacation.

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